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Duke Nukem: Forever Easter Eggs

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Duke Nukem: Forever Easter Eggs Empty Duke Nukem: Forever Easter Eggs

Post by CDReborn on Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:43 am

1. Master Chief's power armor. (*this can also be taken for original doom power armor in build also*)

2. Duke logo vibrators

3. Empty Fridge (causing him to say "Looks like those alien bastards drank all my beer!")

4. The helmet of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space

5. In one scene, Duke might say, "I'm your huckleberry". This could be a reference to a line in the movie "Tombstone"

6. When Private Jenkins dies, Duke can be heard saying "Dammit Leroy". This is more than likely a reference to Leroy Jenkins.

7. In the opening of the game, a few moments before you fight the first boss, the scene where the EDF and the Aliens are fighting is very similar to the "Halo: Combat Evolved" opening.

8. When you fight the Octaking and beat him the first time, duke might say, "I'm not finished with you, Octapussy". Possibly a reference to the James Bond movie "Octopussy".

9. The arcade machines and pinball machines in the Duke Burger have part of the Duke Nukem 3D cover art on them.

10. In the level "Duke Nukem's titty city" a man is found wearing a t-shirt, with a printed wrench on it. This picture is directly taken from the wrench kills achievement from Prey, another of 3D realms' games.

11. Tommy's wrench (from Prey) can be found inside of the drywall near the start of the level 'Duke Burger'. This is viewable when shrunk.

12. In the beginning of the game, you can see TVs on the walls. They appear to have something on them that is very similar to the "Fallout 3" logo. (Numbers 5-10 were found in many of "lucasnooker's "Duke Nukem Forever" Youtube videos) [1]

13. In the near end of the Duke Burger level, when encountering a barred door, Duke would say "This requires a crowbar", a reference to Half Life protagonist Gordon Freeman iconic weapon.

14. The Holsom twins are a reference to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

15. The rude whining guest in the backstage of the "Damn I'm Late Show" is a reference to the Christian Bale tirade to a crew member during filming of Terminator Salvation.

16. The Lo Wang chinese takeout boxes that are strewn across the game is a reference to another 3D realms Shadow Warrior game protagonist.

17. In the Titty City level, on the table next to the security camera viewscreen, the spinning top from "Inception" is permanently spinning around, indicating that Duke is dreaming.

18. In Highway Battle Part 1, in one of the garages it is written on the wall, "Lo Wang was here". This a reference to Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior.

19. In the My Digs section of multiplayer, the second unlockable babe - Miso Ho'ney - will say, "Who wants some Wang? No me! I want some Duke!". This is a reference to Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior.

20. At the end of the level Forkstop there is a pink heart shape on the floor next to a locked closet. This can be opened with a barrel with he same mark and unlocks the achievement 'Companion Barrel'. An obvious reference to the Portal series.

21. The monster truck 'Mighty Foot' appears to be a reference to the monster truck 'Big Foot'.

22. In the level Blowin' The Dam, the head from the psycho on the Borderlands cover can be found.

23. The entire Hive level is an 'Aliens' reference.

24. When first met, the character Dylan will say, "I've been trying to help a friend find his wife!". This is referencing Marcus Fenix from Gear of War.

25. In the level Duke Cave the computer asks for a red keycard, to which Duke replies, "Keycard? I don't need no Duke Nukem: Forever Easter Eggs 2w3u7sw ' keycard!". This is a reference to the previous Duke titles that involved keycards.

26. When Duke encourage the Duke Nukem fan kid to eat "Vitamins" is a reference of the N64 version Duke Nukem 3D with the change of steroids pills into vitamin pills as N64 console was seen as a "family friendly".

27. Another Lo Wang (and Highlander) reference whenever Duke perform an execution move, he would sometimes utter "There can be only one".

28. The videogame controller that Duke used after the introduction is similar to Xbox 360 controller, with only the buttons changed into the word of D.U.K.E.

29. In Blowin' the Dam: Part 2 there is a reference to Donkey Kong and Mario where barrels are bouncing down a stair case and Duke quotes "Damn I wish I had a Hammer right about now", and when he gets to the top of the stair case he quotes "Oh, I was expecting a Monkey'.

30. One of Duke's many quotes when killing an alien is "I'm from Las Vegas, and I say kill 'em all!". This is a reference to Starship Troopers, where Johnny Rico says the same line but with "Buenos Aires" instead of "Las Vegas".

31. Duke references the Die Hard series when he says "Yipee-ki-yay, Duke Nukem: Forever Easter Eggs 2w3u7sw !" sometimes while driving in his monster truck.

32. Duke Says "Tonight, you dine in hell" which is a reference to the movie 300.

33. Duke references a quote from the movie Predator when he says "Oh yeah, if it bleeds, I can kill it".

34. Duke references a quote from Army of Darkness reference and also Blood when he says "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun".

35. Duke references a quote from Commando when he says "When I said I'd kill you last I lied".

Duke Nukem: Forever Easter Eggs ZombiePandemicSig400x100
Nazi Zombie Rounds
Nacht Der Untoten: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Zombie Verruct: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Shi No Numa: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Der Riese: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Kino Der Toten: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [✓] 40+  [] 50+ Multi/Solo
FIVE: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Ascension: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Call of the Dead: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Shangri La:  [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
MOON: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo

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