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Post by CDReborn on Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:08 am

This is a complete walk-through of the Shangri- La easter egg for those who don't want to go to YouTube. Enjoy, comment and rate

Step 0: Turn On Power. Then activate the eclipse(must activate eclipse for every step)
Step 1: Activate the switch near the Mpl. Once activated 12 tiles will appear near the mpl and near the wooden bridge. Have a player on each set of 12. You must match the emblems on the tiles by standing on the correct tiles. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you are on the same tiles or it will restart and you must start over. Must be done during one eclipse cycle.

Step 2: Activate the pressure switch at the bottom of the water slide. To do this have 3 people stand on the pressure switch at the slides exit. The 4th player must wait for the 3 others to get there. Once they are on it go down the slide and hit the lever on the right hand wall of the water slide. Once down stand in place until the eclipse ends after a few seconds.

Step 3: YOU MUST HAVE THE "31-79 JBG215" FOR THIS STEP!! After the eclipse is set head to the water slide. A Crystal in meteor form will crash into the mountain just above and to the right of the water slide entrance. Knock the crystal off and shrink it with the baby maker. Once shrunk knife it into the water slide and follow it into the geiser.

Step 4: Lighting the Gas lines on fire. To do this step you will need to keep a napalm zombie alive. Once you have one alive make it an eclipse. Rush to the tunnel near the mpl and you will hear some trapped people just inside near the PAP switch, Turn the red valve until it stops. This will start a conversation and you will see the gas spraying from the pipes. Now lead the napalm zombie from the mpl entrance until the power room to ignite all the gas lines. Once hes in the power room killl him or leave him but you need to make it back to the lever where you turned on the gas. Activate lever and the eclipse should end.

Step 5: Plugging the old Glory Holes. To do this step YOU MUST HAVE SPIKEMORES. Once you have spikemore (2 players need them) head to the mp5 tunnel. You will see 4 holes on the walls. Plant the spikemores so that they face the 4 holes. Once you have done that you need to lead a train of zombies. They can be crawlers. Lead them through the cave and they will activate the spikemores and the spikes will shoot into the 4 holes. Once all four are plugged activate the brick at the water fall. Step complete.

Step 6: Activate all 12 tiles located through out the map. Once you activate the eclipse simply find all 12 tiles and knife them. Once all 12 are knifed throw a monkey bomb at the little hut thing on the cliff beside the minecart and this step is over. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL 12 TILES ACTIVATED.

Step 7: This step is pretty simple. Head to the mud room. The mud room is the room that slows you down and has the bamboo walls that trap you. Once there, you must change the tablets onto the wall to the correct number. Go into the mudroom from the spawn and turn left. Turn that to 4, turn around and turn to 3, head directly right turn in to 16, then behind you turn to 1. Step complete.

Step 8: Releasing the dynamite. YOU MUST HAVE THE FRACTALIZER FOR THIS STEP. Once the eclipse is set. You must activate the 4 Gongs that do not make the foul noise. Knife all 4 gongs to activate the crystals. (IF YOU KNIFE A WRONG GONG THE CRYSTALS WILL GLOW RED... IF ITS A RIGHT GONG THEY WONT LIGHT UP UNTIL ALL 4 CORRECT GONGS HAVE BEEN HIT) Once all 4 correct gongs have been hit the Crystals will glow with a Treyach symbol around them. Shoot the Crystal with the dynamite on it and it will drop. MAKE SURE SOMEONE IS THERE TO CATCH IT.

Step 9: Shrinking the meteor. To do this. From the spawn look above the mud room. You will see a crystal. Simply shoot that crystal with the upgraded baby maker. After a short series of ricochetes from crystal to crystal will occur until it will hit the meteor shrinking it.

Step 10 and Final Step: Placing Dynamite. To do this you will have to activate the PAP during an eclipse. Once activated you will notice the PAP is gone and there is a wall. Go up and insert the dynamite in to the hole in the wall. Back up and it will eventually blow down the wall exposing the stone. Pick up the stone and achievement unlocked!!!!!!

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Nazi Zombie Rounds
Nacht Der Untoten: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Zombie Verruct: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Shi No Numa: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Der Riese: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Kino Der Toten: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [✓] 40+  [] 50+ Multi/Solo
FIVE: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Ascension: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Call of the Dead: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Shangri La:  [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
MOON: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo

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