XNA: list of countries where playable & how to if your country isn't on the list

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XNA: list of countries where playable & how to if your country isn't on the list

Post by CDReborn on Tue May 31, 2011 3:11 pm

{List of countries able to Download Indie game}

United States [US]
United Kingdom [UK]
Canada [CA]
France [FR]
Italy [IT]
Germany [GE]
Japan [JP]
Sweden [SW]
Singapore [SG]
Spain [SP]

{Your country not listed? Follow tutorial below}

Step 1: Go to the microsoft xbox website from one of the countries listed above.

Step 2: Sign up for an account, but make sure you put in all your details as if you were living in one of the regions in the list. This includes city, state, country and zip/post code. Don't enter credit card information yet.

Step 3: While on the foreign xbox site, and logged into your new Xbox account, navigate your way to the Indie Games section.

Step 4: Pick the game you want (Fortress Craft, Zombie Estate, etc...) and DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL. DO NOT pay for it yet. Once you've chose download trial, you may need to confirm some location details. Just make sure it one of the regions above matching your gamertag region. It'll add the trial to your download queue.

Step 5: Get on your xbox and recover your Foreign gamertag.

Step 6:Now sign in your new account on your xbox, and set your locale to one of the listed Foreign countries matching the one you used for your gamertag.

Step 7: Hit the guide button on your controller, and scroll to the left tab and select 'Active Downloads'. Your indie game trial will be sitting there ready for download. Hit 'A' and select download now.

Step 8: Once it's downloaded, you, and any profile on your xbox without parental lock can now download(if it refuses to download just use the Foreign account to DL the Indie titles) and play any trials from your xbox. You don't need to go on the internet and add a trial to your queue every time.

Step 9: If you wish to purchase an indie game, you may have to purchase MS points from a source specifically to the accounts region(for the account made from one of the countries in the region list). You can purchase the points from Ebay, Amazon or the like. Just redeemed the code while logged into the foreign gamertag on your xbox.

Step 10: Now you can signEnjoy your awesome indie titles, where ever you're from.


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Ascension: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Call of the Dead: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
Shangri La:  [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [✓] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo
MOON: [✓] 10+ [✓] 20+ [] 30+ [] 40+ Multi/Solo

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