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Post by CDReborn on Tue May 03, 2011 5:17 pm

I have obtained the Escalation DLC a few hours ago and I already have some Easter eggs to share, I have found the music Easter egg as well as some radios through my first playthrough, so far this list is incomplete since I've only played COTD twice so it will be updated.

Music Easter Egg:

Just like in Kino Der Toten, the easter egg is activated by 3 meteorite, one in the starting area, one on a dinning seat within the ship and one in the lighthouse(I don't exactly remember where this one was though). This activates the song "Not ready to die" by Avenged Sevenfold.

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Radio Easter Egg:

For the radios, (set 1 or 2?) I have found one at the top of the Light house Which is the first of 2 sets of ? number of radios( I assume there's 8 radios in total but there might be more), they must be played in a certain order, I experienced that first hand, for the second radio, go to the level before the lowest on the ship, in the water by the two descending stair cases is where it can be found, the third radio is located on the first level of the ship, instead of ascending to the power switch, from the starting stairs, buy the path blocked by a rescue boat and the 3rd radio is located within that area. These are the radios I've been able to activate so far, but these aren't the only ones I've found, once I get them to work, I'll post it.

New MAJOR Easter egg:

In this new easter egg(I was able to find this on my own and have figured out all the steps and I have yet to complete the second one), you can speak with the old Characters(Dempsey, Richtofen, Nikoli and Takeo).
Video is below this text tutorial.

Step One: Fuse can be found on one of the two desks, or on the ground near the small filing cabinet

Step Two: Destroy four generators, one in the room, one off the far bow of the ship, on by stamin-up, and the other between the lighthouse and the ship.

Step Three: Retrieve the vodka, on the steps, on the platform, on the ramp leading to the second part of the ship, or first deck of the ship to the left.

Step Four: The Dials must be set as follows; Purple at 6, Blue at 4, Orange at 7, and Yellow at 2. Press the Purple Knob until it is at 6. Then press Orange until Blue appears at 4. Then Press Yellow until Orange hits 7. Then Press Yellow until its on 2. Count the number of times that took you. Press Purple the same number of times that you hit Yellow to get it at two. Press Blue until it goes back to 4. All numbers should be correct.

Step Five: Activate four radios, IN ORDER. First one is on the second floor of the ship, on top of the cabinet. The second is to the right side of the Stamin-up machine. The third is on the second ship, in the shipping container. The last is in the room of the rescue, under the steps.

Step Six: In the top floor of the ship, move the far right lever down three times, the far left lever down once, then the steering wheel two turns to the right. The Navel support Sub will then appear.

Step Seven: Activate the FogHorns IN ORDER. First one, in the water at the base of the lighthouse. The second is at the right of Speed Cola, in the corner. The third is at the base of the lighthouse, and the forth is at the left of the island outside the ice tunnel.

Step Eight: Shoot a zombie with the VR11, then kill the human form as it floats
up the green beam. The Golden Rod will fall to the bottom of the beam, bring it to the room. After the fuse starts to flicker, knife the fuse.

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Once there are other youtube videos depicting these easter eggs, I will add them to this post.

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