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Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Empty Getting Started (Image Tutorial)

Post by Excel on Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:45 pm

Hello! Welcome to CrimsonDiabolicStudios! This is a short tutorial to help you browse these forums.
Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Tutorial1

Step 1: Browsing the Index.

The outlined areas in the image below are known as 'subforums' They categorize all the post into subjects, this tells where you can post what. The medkit icon at the side determines whether or not people have posted since your last visit. Red for new post, grey for no new post. Clicking on the name of the subfourm brings you to it's topic list.

Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Tutorial2

Step 2: Browsing the Subforums.

This area displays the topics that users have posted, clicking on the topic's title brings you into it. The button, New Thread, lets you create a topic similar to the ones already present. There are once again images representing if you have read it or not, but this time there is an image key at the bottom of the page.

Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Tutorial3

Step 3: Viewing and replying to Topics.

Starting off, this page MAY seem confusing, but it really gets easy to see after a bit. Just read through the page(and sometimes more in long topics, the page selector is near the right hand side) The topic goes from oldest post to newest post.(I.E. in a 8 page topic, the latest post would be on page 8 ) This is also where you get introduced to the reply button, which is also at the bottom of the page.

Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Tutorial4

Step 4: Posting

This will become a familiar screen to any frequent user. It allows many codes and text, however I will only cover the basics for now. Simply type what you want to say in the box and hit send, you will also get this box for creating a new topic. The only difference is you will need a title. We recommend that you create your first topic in "Hello my name is...." introducing yourself to other members. Once this is done, just click our logo at the top to bring you back to the Index, from their refresh, and wait for replies! Congrats! You've passed the basic forum usage test!

Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Tutorial5

BONUS! Editing a profile!
You profile determines what other members see next to you post and profile, and it personalizes you.
The link to access profile will be directly under the logo when logged in.

From here you can see a bunch of options at the top, most notable are the Avatar and Signatures.
An avatar is an image that appears next to your post, and can be uploaded directly from a computer.
A signature is a block of text or code under your posts(Is must be enabled in your preferences in profile)
Edit away, and after you are finished just save.
Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Tutorial6

A more in depth tutorial in code will be added shorty. Thanks for reading!

Getting Started (Image Tutorial)  Spotlight1pt
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